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Tara Sindler, CADC-II, SEP Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #IMF71585 Tara received a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in August 2006 and a second Master of Arts degree from Phillips Graduate Institute with an
  • Joanne Mednick, Psy.D., LMFTjoanne.png
    Founder & Executive Director

    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
    (LMFT 36644)

    Dr. Mednick is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in a unique blend of various methodologies to offer her clients the deepest possible healing.

    Dr. Mednick has received her Psy.D, MFT from Ryokan College and has Master's degrees in both Applied Psychology as well as Counseling Psychology and her undergraduate work was at the University of Southern California. Her studies in Spiritual Psychology frame her point of view that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This unique perspective permeates into  Dr. Mednick's further studies.

    Dr. Mednick has also received an additional degree in the field of Consciousness Health and Healing. This concentration allows her a deep understanding of the most severe addictions and traumas, and to assist in finding ways to help trauma survivors and sex addicts heal on all five levels of consciousness: Mental, Physical, Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual.

    Dr. Mednick has built her practice with clients worldwide. Through trauma, illness and addiction therapy, she transitions clients with the identification of living as "victims" or "survivors" all the way to that of living as "thrivers." She offers her clients complete healing to find deep meaning in past occurrences, and to take the "silver lining" in it all and view their issues as blessings in disguise.

    Dr. Mednick strives to bring her clients completion in the trauma/addiction/illness cycle, and to move them from pull into the trauma vortex (pain and chaos) towards easily and consciously choosing the healing vortex (calm and relaxed).

    Dr. Mednick took ongoing training in advanced EMDR techniques such as the Strategic Developmental Model for EMDR,  is certified in Brain Spotting, and trained in Sensory Motor Psychotherapy and Somatic Therapy. This assisted her most extremely traumatized clients and addicts process their issues much more easily, and without undue distress.

    Dr. Mednick believes in the importance of the Inner Journey and how best to support her clients in reconnecting with that which is inside. Dr. Mednick had also undertaken twelve further years of study with world-renowned Energy Medicine specialist Christine Schenk. She was a member of the first US graduating Master's class. Dr. Mednick is one of the few people in America trained in the CHRIS®-Technique, and as a part of the services she offers, Dr. Mednick blends these techniques into her work at Serenity Trauma Healing Center. The addition of the CHRIS®-Technique to all the psychotherapeutic education has helped Joanne to assist her clients in reaching higher levels of inner peace, connectedness in their body, and achieving a sense of wellness in their lives.

    Through her many years as a therapist and her deep commitment to cutting-edge education, she has learned to pinpoint even the most resistant clients' deepest issues and help them to change their destructive patterns.

    Dr. Mednick believes it is her life's purpose to help others move along their own path towards full and complete healing.

  • robert_waldman.pngRobert P. Waldman, M.D.
    Internal Medicine, Hypertension, Nephrology
    Addiction Medicine

    Among the best known Addiction Medicine experts in the country, Dr. Robert Waldman brings to his work a unique blend of critical-care hospital experience and private-practice office management of drug and alcohol dependencies and co-occurring disorders. He has been actively practicing Addiction Medicine for 25 years and consults at many treatment centers in Los Angeles.

    Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. Waldman graduated from the renowned Central High School and then attended Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. After his college graduation, Dr. Waldman returned to Philadelphia to attend medical school at Hahnemann University where he also served his internship and residency in Internal Medicine. Attracted to the challenges and science of Nephrology, Dr. Waldman served a Nephrology fellowship under Dr. Robert Narins at Temple University, also in Philadelphia. Dr. Waldman completed laboratory research at Temple University and is published in the field of Nephrology. In 1983, he relocated to Los Angeles where he developed a very successful private practice in Nephrology and Internal Medicine in Marina del Rey where he continues to practice today.

    Dr. Waldman has appeared and interviewed on numerous television shows including Dr. Drew, Relapse, and In Session. He was the star defense witness in the Conrad Murray trial testifying as an acknowledged expert on opioid dependence and abuse. Interviews with Dr. Waldman have appeared in the Chicago Tribune and on the Bobble-Head Dad radio show.

    Dr. Waldman resides in Calabasas, California with his lovely wife and three children. His passions include mountain and road biking, soccer, skiing, adventure vacationing, and back-packing.

  • mike.pngMike Beychok, M.A., CMO
    usiness Development
    Recovery Coach
    Personal Trainer

    Mike is currently a Doctoral Candidate at Ryokan College. He received his Masters degree from the University of Santa Monica (USM) in Spiritual Psychology. He has been facilitating all age ranges for over 10 years and has helped countless individuals work through their issues. Mike decided to become more specifically involved in the addiction field as he saw the great need for coaching that specialized in recovery. Using a very open and intuitive approach, he is easily able to connect with clients to help guide them to a supportive and successful recovery. Having struggled with food addiction and eating disorders himself, he has a deep understanding of what individuals may be feeling and experiencing.

    Mike's struggle with weight and body image lead him to become very active in the fields of physical fitness and nutrition. Being recruited as a walk-on for a division 1 sports team at a top university, gives Mike experience working with some of the top athletes and coaching in the world. He has a genuine passion for helping people with their fitness goals and assisting them in creating a healthy lifestyle to coincide with their recovery.

    Mike also graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major focusing on the impacts of globalization on marketing and finance. His multiple years of experience in the fields of marketing and business development has given him the perfect background to assist Serenity with their marketing and outreach efforts daily.

    Mike looks forward to meeting and helping as many people as possible through their healing journey.

  • stephen.pngDr. Stephen Koff DC

    Dr. Stephen Koff has over twenty years experience in specialized health and wellness care. His unique approach to chiropractic medicine combines gentle adjustments with specific trigger point and soft tissue techniques.
    Chiropractic is based on activating the body's own resources. It is a scientific fact that your brain, spinal cord and nerves posses self-maintaining and self-healing functions. Thus, when the nervous system is working optiminally the body can more effectively defend itself and recover from physical and emotional challenges.

    Dr. Koff further utilizes physiotherapy techniques to promote rapid, pain-free healing, including ultrasound and electrical stimulation. This treatment protocol drastically improves the recovery, functioning, and performance of the muscular skeletal and nervous systems. Dr. Koff has a long history of successfully working with numerous Drug and Rehabilitation Treatment Centers all over Southern California and with top medical physicians and health practitioners in the greater Los Angeles area.
    Dr Koff creates personalized, comprehensive, and specialized treatment programs for his patients struggling with the complex physical issues related to Addiction, Detox and Stress.


  • Dr_Cat_large.png

    Dr. Cat Meyer, (LMFT #88224)
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

    Dr. Cat Meyer is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist with her PsyD doctorate in the same field from Alliant International University.  In her studies of psychotherapy, EMDR, energy psychology, yoga, and modern sciences, she believes sustained healing must occur on multiple levels, not just the mental or physical. As a result, Dr. Meyer approaches mental health from a holistic viewpoint, recognizing the strong link between body, mind, spirit, and the energy that moves through it.

    In 2007 Dr. Meyer received her Yoga Alliance Certification for instructing yoga and have been teaching ever since. She utilizes practices from yoga as a way to help clients recondition their body’s stress response, build greater awareness and relationship to the body, and help the client feel their body as a safe place to be in again. She also holds a teaching certification for Shaktipat meditation from the Self-Awareness Institute and is certified with level three reiki energy work. Dr. Meyer is also trained with the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) for trauma and uses this with her clients as a way to move through the difficult traumas that keep us stuck. 

    Dr. Meyer works with her clients experientially to better understand, shift, and reprogram old messages that do not serve us, while identifying specific actions to help clients maintain the balance for optimal self.

    As a sex therapist, Dr. Meyer has worked with numerous couples and individuals who sought to understand, enliven, and reclaim their sexual selves and bodies as their own. She believes that when we understand the barriers that keep us from ourselves, we can open ourselves to the infinite power and possibilities that is us. For the past 5 years, Dr. Meyer has led workshops and retreats focused on the healing and empowerment of women and their sexuality. She has completed over 150 hours of education and training in issues and topics related to sexuality, sexual/gender identity. 

  • Mia large.png

    Mia Raymond, M.A., LMFT
    Marriage and Family Therapist 

    Mia Raymond is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and previous Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Director of La Ventana’s Eating Disorder Programs in Southern California. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami in 2007, where she completed an academic internship at Jackson’s Medical Campus. Her internship focused on compiling statistics related to the effect of domestic violence on children age three and younger. She graduated with honors and moved on to complete her graduate studies at Antioch University-Los Angeles, too graduating with exemplary standing.

    While attending her graduate program, she worked full-time as a behavioral interventionist at the Lovaas Institute-a program spearheaded by Dr. Ivar Lovaas, a pioneer in the field of applied analysis. In addition, she completed her practicum at The Do It Now Center, a court-mandated program for individuals struggling with substance use issues and comorbid mood, as well anxiety disorders. 

    In 2010, she transitioned to a lifelong passion, working with individuals struggling with Eating Disorders. She has spent the last eight years working at all levels of care with this nuanced and complex population. Over the last four years, she has developed La Ventana’s Eating Disorder program that incorporates a substance abuse track, targeting individuals with primary Eating Disorder diagnoses, comorbid substance abuse struggles, mood disorders and complex trauma. Mia believes that it the client’s with the most treatment and perceived pathology that require a modified approach to treatment. These are the clients Mia thrives to provide a sense of belonging, compassion and understanding for.

    Mia uses a trauma-informed approach when working with clients, supporting them with identifying sensations in their body, empowering them to challenge maladaptive narratives and to create a life with intentioned meaning. Mia believes in addressing clients through a compassion lens and facilitating with creating an experience that is both unfamiliar and purposeful. She believes body-mind integration, via somatic interventions, is critical for sustainable recovery.



  • Jessica large.pngJessica Silver, M.A.
    Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 

    Jessica is a Registered Associate Marriage, Family and Individual Therapist as well as a Certified Bodywork Practitioner. She holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on trauma resolution. Her passion is working with people towards their personal freedom through therapy, breath work, and a holistic hands-on approach. Her personal journey towards healing has given her a deep compassion for others who had experienced trauma on any level.  She traveled to Europe for 3 years to study the Grinberg Method and the Pantarei Approach, both somatic bodywork programs that have had a profound influence on her personal and professional life. She is dedicated to teaching others how to align their mind with their bodies in order to perceive reality in a way where they can feel fully alive and supported. Jessica has a Bachelor’s Degree from Loyola Marymount University where she majored in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and a specialization in Trauma-Related Conflict from Antioch University in Los Angeles. Jessica has extensive experience and training in trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, parenting, and intrapersonal relationship issues. She has expertise in gestalt therapy, mind-body integration, attachment and somatic work. She has worked and counseled at addiction rehabilitation and trauma centers all across Los Angeles. 

  • Jennifer large.pngJennifer Dodd, M.S.
    Associate Social Work # ASW75922

    Jennifer Dodd, is a psychotherapist who received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland University College and her Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Maryland. 

    Jennifer’s work is rooted in the belief of the healing nature of relationship among people, a belief that lead her to serving a term in AmeriCorps. It was through this experience of community engagement and becoming deeply committed to this underserved population that led her to a career in social change. This eventually guided her to pursue a master's degree in one of the most complicated cities in terms of social justice in this country, Baltimore city.  Two years working as an intern at different non-profits, while intensely studying social work was indescribably challenging, yet succeeded in further empowering her aspirations to provide therapy to individuals. 

    Among Jennifer’s greatest assets is the time she has given to studying and pursuing integrative modalities, which include earning her advanced certifications in EMDR, including family therapy and attachment components, as well as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the Attachment, Self-Regulation & Competency model. Specializing in trauma-informed care, she utilizes specific training and individualized treatment plans to provide holistic care to her patient. In addition, Jennifer has dedicated several years to the study of mindfulness under the direction of Tara Brach.

    She has worked with a diversity of clients and specialties, including eating disorders, family and couples therapy, Children and Family Services, hospice, and foster care. Additionally, social activism and service is the fundamental guiding principal in everything that Jennifer does, therefore serving minority communities of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation is essential in her practice.

    It is Jennifer’s belief that not only can wounds be healed, but individual’s can transform their lives so greatly that they can truly begin to embody their lives fully. As a therapist, Jennifer’s aim is to nurture safe containment for individuals in order to allow whatever surfaces to be welcomed with compassion and attunement. As clients heal the trauma and wounds that have troubled them for so long, they also learn to skillfully utilize new practices of awareness, mindfulness and cultivation of self-love, compassion, and care. These are tools used to make embodiment a way of life for those seeking it.

  • Ashley large.png

    Ashley Ross, M.A., CHP, HRHP
    Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (#102641) 

    Ashley Ross is a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#102641), a Certified Hakomi Practitioner and a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner.  She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa and attended The Wright Institute in Berkeley, where she earned her Masters in Counseling Psychology. Ashley completed her Practicum at Family Works, a non-profit mental health service agency in San Rafael, California. For 15 years prior to attaining her MFT license, Ashley provided counseling to adults and couples as well as designed and facilitated support groups in various settings. 

    Ashley is currently a Teacher-in-Training of the Hakomi Method, a somatic psychotherapy that uses mindfulness combined with an experiential, strengths-based and present-moment focus to integrate body and mind, with emphasis on trauma and attachment theories and practices.   Ashley’s dual training in somatic psychotherapy and holistic women’s health forged her passion in and commitment to the importance of using our bodies to facilitate and achieve an integrated state of wellbeing. Ashley trusts the body’s innate ability to heal, and uses this guide the therapy.

    In her current position at Serenity, Ashley provides Hakomi somatic therapy as well as mindfulness-based practices to help clients discover how they can be present in their bodies in order to calm and heal their nervous systems.  She believes by cultivating this supportive relationship with their bodies, clients move beyond simply healing symptoms; they discover a life that is meaningful, connected and inspiring.  


  • jamie 1.jpg

    Jamie Stern, M.A.
    Neurofeedback Clinician,
    Brain Health Coach,
    Published Researcher 

    Jamie Stern is a cartographer of the mind, charting the different territories of the brain while seeking the calmness and healing that is found through Neurofeedback Therapy. Jamie’s goal is for her clients to feel optimized – to feel like the best version of themselves! 

    Her scholarly journey began at the University of Southern California (USC) where she studied cartography and environmental science. When she went on to her dual Masters, she focused on human geography, culture, and the psychology of displaced peoples. Her research later focused on Diasporas of WWII which resulted in populations that carried such extreme traumas with extraordinary variety, that it affected the growth and development of subsequent generations.  Her work has since been published in the International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society and led her to a position as Director of Research for a non-profit organization that focuses on the Indo people; a European and Asian hybrid group, who were expelled by force from Indonesia just after WWII. Jamie’s unique perspective on populations affected by trauma, led her to the field of Neurofeedback Therapy in an effort to help people in their healing. Jamie studied Neurofeedback Therapy at the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills, California. Jamie is also an Amen Certified Brain Health Coach.  

    The connection between trauma and decline in optimum living is clear and something that Jamie is dedicating herself to helping. She has witnessed firsthand how trauma, when not addressed, can be such a negative force in a person’s daily life. Jamie’s entire focus is to find relief for her clients by identifying their optimum frequency and then training the brain at that level through a subconscious process that involves tactile, visual, and auditory feedback. This process eventually retrains the brain which allows the client to more automatically self-regulate, and ultimately promotes a renewed feeling of calmness, better cognitive function, and happiness. Jamie also experienced how Neurofeedback Therapy can target a wide variety of “brain instabilities” such as her own chronic migraines and motion sickness. For Jamie, Neurofeedback Therapy was life-changing, and something she deeply looks forward to sharing.    


  • pic 1.jpgDarby Rae, Yoga Instructor
    YogaWorks 200 Hour Certified Teacher

    Darby Rae grew up with the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado as her backyard. At a very young age she fostered a love of art, performance and the study of the physical and energetic human experience – eventually leading her to Santa Monica in 2002. In Los Angeles, she eagerly soaked up as much knowledge as possible, graduating from several acting schools while continuously studying different types of breath work and physical movement techniques (specifically Fitzmaurice and Alexander Technique). Like the final missing puzzle piece, she found her yoga practice in 2005.  The elemental synergism between her practice and her acting studies work together in simple unity, continually expanding her capacity for empathy, openness, strength and balance. 

     Her yoga practice, along with other forms of therapy, played an instrumental roll in her personal recovery from sexual assault. She is certain that yoga helped to rebuild and renew her self love, connection to the present moment, and trust in her own intuition.  

     The human body holds onto trauma in complicated and mysterious ways. When we connect our breath to movement through the ancient practice of yoga, we open up a dialogue with our physical selves by linking the thinking mind with the feeling body. We are asked to confront and acknowledge our shadow side, processing and shedding that which no longer serves us – thus making room for new light to shine through. It is through this work that we are able to deepen our empathy and understanding of ourselves, so that we may strongly stand in the world with balance and compassion for one another.   

     Darby is a YogaWorks 200 hour certified teacher, and is currently in the Yogaworks 300 hour training under the mentorship of Mia Togo. Her classes are inspired by the lessons of the Yoga Sutras and the energetic relevance of the physical postures. She teaches from the ground up, starting with clear and precise attention to alignment. This attention builds a strong foundation and focus so that students may find freedom to explore the inner life that the pose activates and brings to the surface. It is her intention that she creates a safe and warm environment for her students to activate the inherent wisdom of the body, embrace their challenges and make space to move forward in their lives with vitality and open hearts. 


  • pam2.pngPam Murphy, LAc.
    Dipl. O.
    M. (NCCAOM)

    Pam Murphy is a Nia Teacher and Acupuncturist who facilitates healing utilizing a blend of Eastern and Western movement forms and medical practices.

    Pam moved to California from Connecticut having begun her career while raising her family. She became a Nia teacher in 1998 and has practiced and attended trainings with founders Debbie and Carlos Rosas earning the level of Black Belt Instructor. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Bridgeport with a Masters in Acupuncture in 2010; and most recently earned a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University in Los Angeles.

    It is thru her study of movement that she became interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Nia combines movements derived from Martial Arts, Dance and Healing Arts to integrate body, mind, emotions and spirit, sensing the connection to Heaven and Earth while dancing through life. Traditional Chinese Medicine combines ancient ways of moving and healing through acupuncture, body work and herbal therapies and is enhanced by scientific research and the western understanding of anatomy and physiology.   

    The body never lies. Deep inside we know what is right for ourselves and our families. By integrating all the realms of our existence through whole body movement and awareness, healing therapies, and practicing the Toltec principles of impeccability of the word, not making assumptions, not taking anything personally and always doing our best we can access that knowledge and stand behind our truth – strong, confident and relaxed.


  • catherine_stock.pngCatherine Stock
    Massage Therapist 

    Catherine was born and raised in New York. Upon graduating from Union College with a BA in Political Science, she moved to California and shortly thereafter became interested in the healing arts. She is a graduate of the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City, CA and a Certified Massage Practitioner with the California Massage Therapy Council.

    Catherine's excellent training in mind/body connection, coupled with her intuitive ability to locate problematic and stress-related areas in each individual, allows for the client to experience compassionate, relaxing and rejuvenating healing.

    Often people, going through initial recovery from addictions and other mental and physical ailments, experience an uncomfortable disconnect between their mind and body. Catherine has worked passionately as a therapeutic massage therapist for years, with individuals from all walks of life, with a range of afflictions, to assist in bridging that gap.

    Catherine believes in the amazing healing power of touch and finds that massage, coupled with the other extraordinary treatments offered at Serenity, is an integral part of each client's healing process.

  • Joanne Mednick, Psy.D., MFT
    Founder & Executive Director

  • Robert P. Waldman, M.D.
    Internal / Addiction Medicine

  • Mike Beychok, M.A.
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Dr. Stephen Koff DC

  • Dr. Cat Meyer, LMFT
    Marriage & Family Therapist

  • Mia Raymond, M.A., LMFT
    Marriage & Family Therapist

  • Jessica Silver, M.A.
    Registered Associate MFT

  • Jennifer Dodd, M.S.
    Associate Social Worker

  • Ashley Ross, M.A., CPH, HRHP
    Registered Associate MFT

  • Jamie Stern, M.A.
    Neurofeedback Clinician

  • Darby Rae
    Yoga Instructor

  • Pam Murphy
    Nia Instructor

  • Catherine Stock
    Massage Therapist

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