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Everything You Need to Know About Brainspotting Therapy for PTSD Treatment


Treating PTSD, regardless of the type or root case requires a two-way partnership between the therapist and patient, as well as the willingness to try alternative therapies. 

When it comes to using brainspotting therapy to treat people with PTSD in Los Angeles, Serenity Trauma Healing Center located in Malibu has an incredible tract record in helping a wide variety of patients get to the real source of their trauma, and slowly work to begin a fresh start in which each patient walks about with the ability to be the best version of themselves. This article will delve into brainspotting therapy treatment for people suffering from PTSD, while shedding some light on this method of therapy, its process, and who its ideal candidates are. 

What is Brainspotting Therapy for PTSD?

Brainspotting works to pinpoint, identify and process the core neuro-psychological root causes for bodily and emotional pain,dissociation, and a variety of challenging symptoms. Although every brainspotting therapist will add elements of their own unique approach, in general this trauma treatment method penetrates down to each patient’s reflexive core.  In many cases when one has reached a zero distress level, a new layer, or floor, is broken into as it probes deeper under the watchful training of a licensed therapist, to enter those remote corners of the unconscious brain. This is well beyond the awareness of most patients, so brainspotting specialists penetrate down, in a relaxed environment, into the patient’s reflexive central point.  

How does Brainspotting Therapy Help with Trauma Victims?

In many brainspotting sessions for PTSD and other types of deep trauma, the client covers their concerns, explaining key points to the therapist, as well as the things that cause worry, agitation. After this stage, a body-resource is identified (positive felt-scene in the body) and then joined with a brainspot in the patient’s central reactivity zone. At this point, the therapist guides the client through a mindfulness process well within the dual  attunement, which is the empathetic observation of their therapist, as the client keeps their focal point on the brainspot. 

In many cases this therapist/patient relationship may begin in which the client remains silent while the therapist works with the sensations of the body within the context of the patient’s triggering event, narrative, or thoughts. At Serenity Trauma Healing Center, top brainspotting therapists have witnessed the body bring various types of trauma to the surface. This type of release generally allows for patients to create a space for calm, clear, and newly discovered senses of compassion both for themselves and for others.

Best-selling trauma research author Bessel VanderKolf states that, “the body keeps the score”, and while the body is actively filling out its scorecard, it also knows how to take that data and heal. 

At Serenity Trauma Healing Center one of our licensed, specialist brainspotting therapists will hold a special space for each patient and guide them through this critical process with a great degree of compassion and a curious mind to identify the trauma and find a natural way for it to navigate through the body and exit. 

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