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Five of the Most Effective Los Angeles Trauma Therapy Types for Treating Forms of PTSD


According to the National Center for PTSD, six in  every 100 people suffer from a form of post- traumatic stress disorder. That’s six percent of the population, and these are only the cases that have been diagnosed. Many people with PTSD fail to get help, and some speculate this cohort reflects an additional 20% of the population.

There are several types of PTSD, and there are also several ways people seek treatment for their trauma. If you live in LA and are looking for the best Los Angeles trauma therapy, then you will need to gain a solid understanding of the many types of PTSD, treatment solutions, and where to seek the best counseling. This article is intended to help you get to this point so you can make an informed decision regarding your options.

Types of PTSD the Best Los Angeles Trauma Therapy Center Will Treat

Serenity Trauma Healing Center located in the picturesque seaside community of Malibu is known as the best Los Angeles trauma therapy center for its wide range of innovative therapies and world- renowned expert therapists, and the specific types of post-traumatic stress disorder treatable at Serenity Trauma. These forms of PTSD include:

  • Survivor’s Guilt PTSD
  • Complex PTSD
  • Childhood Trauma PTSD
  • Uncomplicated PTSD
  • Comorbid PTSD
  • Sexual Assault PTSD
  • Domestic Violence PTSD
  • First Responder / War Time PTSD
  • Life-Threatening Illness PTSD

PTSD can spring from other traumatic events, and Serenity Trauma Healing Center is known as the Los Angeles trauma therapy center for treating these types, and others.

Top Therapeutic Approaches Offered by the Best Los Angeles Trauma Therapy Center

The type of therapy that will be used to treat one’s PTSD will be predicated on several factors that include the details of the person’s traumatic experience, the circumstances, level of anxiety, medical history, and other factors that your therapist will discuss with you. At Serenity Trauma we focus on healing both the body and mind, ridding them of traumatic energy and freeing the person from being fettered during the fight or flight response. Some of the therapies we specialize in include:

  • EMDR counseling
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Brainspotting
  • Havening therapy
  • Addiction therapy

Now let’s explore these five types of therapies embraced by Serenity Trauma, the best Los Angeles trauma therapy center, and how they are used to treat various forms of PTSD in greater detail.

The Best Los Angeles Trauma Therapy Centers Offer EMDR Counseling

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of psychotherapy aimed at relieving patients who suffer from traumatic memories. EMDR counseling is a very structured type of therapy that encourages the inflicted person to, momentarily, focus on the trauma-rich memory while also experiencing bilateral stimulation (usually eye movements) that’s associated with a minimization in the intensity and emotional sustenance associated with the traumatic event and the memories it created. When it comes to the best Los Angeles Trauma therapy centers that offer EMDR counseling, Serenity Trauma is held in the highest esteem as the trauma center offering cutting-edge therapies to a wide range of patients who suffer from multiple types of anxiety.

Somatic Experiencing is A Popular Approach Used by the Best Los Angeles Trauma Therapy Counselors

Another widely popular and effective type of alternative therapy that helps people heal from trauma is somatic experiencing, and any top Los Angeles trauma therapy center will have expert counselors specializing in this approach. First created by Dr. Peter Levine, this type of therapy is grounded on the foundation that trauma gets strapped in one’s body, and as a result symptoms of PTSD surface. Los Angeles trauma center practitioners at Serenity Trauma Healing Center use this method to release the tension and anxiety from the body. While somatic experiencing can be effective in treating a wide range of PTSD types, most patients who benefit from this therapy have been through physical trauma such as sexual assault or domestic violence. Therapists who excel at conducting somatic experiencing help their patients gain an increased sense of awareness of the patient’s internal experience (proprioceptive, interoceptive and kinesthetic sensations).

The Best Los Angeles Trauma Centers Specialize in Brainspotting

When it comes to defining greatness within the realm of Los Angeles trauma centers, brainspotting is at the center of their services. In recent years brainspotting took off as a popular type of therapy sought after by Hollywood stars, and today it is helping people who suffer from PTSD and other forms of anxiety across the country. Brainspotting is a therapeutic technique that accesses trauma trapped in the subcortical part of the brain–the portion responsible for emotions, learning, consciousness, and motion. This is done detecting spots in the patient’s field of vision while practitioners work from that vantage point to help the individual process memories and the feelings associated with them to cast the trapped trauma from the mind.

Havening Therapy is a Popular Approach Offered by Los Angeles Trauma Centers

Another popular approach for treating anxiety at Los Angeles trauma centers is havening therapy. Havening therapy was developed by brothers Steve and Ronald Ruden that relies on amygdala depotentiation that helps patients with anxiety notably around the subjects of PTSD, phobias, stress, and general anxiety. Havening therapy uses a wide range of touches on the upper body that incorporates visualization with touching, and with eye movement. This approach helps a patient cope with trauma, physical pain, anxiety, and stress as the patient focuses on self-care, kindness, and self-compassion.

Innovated Los Angeles Trauma Therapists Offer Addiction Therapy

Professional psychotherapies and young woman suffering from ptsd

The best Los Angeles trauma centers, like Serenity Trauma Healing Center, can use several therapies to treat people with anxiety surrounding addiction, including some of the therapies already covered in this article. Addiction can leave one’s body brimming with anxiety and pain, so based on the individual person’s situation, a therapist will recommend the right type of addiction therapy. Treatment plans will be reviewed by the therapist and modified to fit the patient’s changing needs as the process evolves.

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