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How Brainspotting Sessions at a Trauma Therapy Center in Los Angeles Cures PTSD


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other anxiety disorders play into the lives of many people. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI), 19.1% of adult Americans have an anxiety disorder, and when it comes to geography and national averages, people in Los Angeles County have one of the highest cases of PTSD in the nation. There are several different types of therapy accessible to people with PTSD, and while a lot of people sign up for traditional speech-based therapy, statistics show that alternative therapies for PTSD such as brainspotting have significantly higher results in successfully curing people of their anxiety. The key is to call the best trauma therapy center in Los Angeles specializing in brainspotting, and get a therapy plan that’s customized to your needs as an individual, the type of event that caused the trauma, and how you identify with the event and process the information surrounding it. Brainspotting is an ideal anxiety treatment option for people suffering from PTSD who need customized therapy with the goal to truly rid themselves of their anxiety, and this article is intended to help people learn more about the value of seeking brainspotting treatments at a trauma therapy center in Los Angeles.

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a type of alternative therapy that cures anxiety and trauma by utilizing spots in a patient’s field of vision to help them process the trauma and the events surrounding it. Brainspotting accesses deep trauma trapped in the subcortical brain–the part of the brain responsible for learning, motion, emotions, and consciousness.

How does Brainspotting Work?

Brainspotting works on the science that emotions from trauma become trapped in the body which leads to both physical and mental ailments. Scientists believe that one’s memory of a certain traumatic incident is “reset” within the body and mind through brainspotting. Our bodies are meant to maintain a state of stability but when we process trauma (or fail to process it) in a negative manner, our bodily stable environment is shaken, and we begin to experience the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety. Brainspotting accesses this field and attempts to integrate the necessary corrections to promote stability and peace within the arena of the traumatic event memory and the way in which the mind accesses it. Brainspotting therapy focuses on a true “brain-body” connection, as do other alternative therapies popular at trauma therapy centers in Los Angeles such as EMDR and somatic experiencing. While traditional speech therapy is regarded as a “top-down” approach that tries to solve issues with the conscious mind, brainspotting goes deeper into the psychological, spiritual, and physical makeup and exorcises all negative energy from the mind and body.

Why Seek Brainspotting Specifically From a Trauma Therapy Center in Los Angeles?

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Not only are trauma therapy centers in Los Angeles convenient for locals who live in the county, in state, and on the west coast, but people from all over the country including small towns and large metropolitan areas come to Los Angeles for trauma and anxiety therapy. Los Angeles specifically has a number of trauma therapy centers along the coast with calming ocean breezes and some of the most stunning views in the country but seeking anxiety treatment in Malibu is the best you can get in Los Angeles County. For example, Serenity Trauma Healing Center is located in a quiet, private luxurious Malibu boasting stunning scenery which is an ideal environment for treating PTSD and other anxiety disorders. The best alternative anxiety therapists work through Serenity Trauma helping people from California, but also from small towns in Iowa to New York, and from those who live in small upscale towns in Connecticut to people residing in Dallas, Chicago, and Miami. We treat people from all over the country, and each person receives a customized approach to therapy that truly caters to their anxiety disorder on a personal and individual level.

When looking for a trauma therapy center in Los Angeles, Serenity Trauma Healing Center in Malibu will offer you the best brainspotting therapy in the country and make the entire experience well worth that investment in yourself.

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