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Malibu Trauma Center for PTSD Therapy

Trauma, specifically PTSD, is a pandemic that impacts a large percentage of Americans. According to the National Center for PTSD, six out of 10 men and five out of 10 women in America have experienced a traumatic event. In addition, roughly six in 100 Americans have (or will develop) a form of PTSD.

Serenity Trauma is dedicated to helping individuals who have experienced a wide range of traumatic events, as well as those suffering from numerous forms of PTSD. Our trauma center offers clients access to the best trauma therapists in the country, with outpatient and day treatments, as well as an intensive outpatient program. Located in the beautiful and exclusive beach city of Malibu, Serenity Trauma  is known as the best trauma center for PTSD, as we offer groundbreaking therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder  against the luxurious and calming backdrop of rolling hills, pristine beaches, and perfect year-round weather.

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Why Invest in a Malibu Trauma Center for PTSD Therapy?

Whether you live in Malibu, elsewhere in the greater Los Angeles area, or you are located on the other side of the country, Malibu, California is an ideal location to receive outpatient trauma therapy. Located roughly 30 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, Malibu is regarded as a place for spiritual healing thanks in part to its Mediterranean climate, laid back energy, and its exclusiveness. Most people in Malibu live within a few hundred yards of Pacific Coast Highway (State Route 1) and are within a short distance walk to the beach. Other Malibu residents reside in the canyons and have stunning panoramic views of the coastline and open ocean. When people come to Serenity Trauma for PTSD therapy, or other types of anxiety treatment, they usually stay at a peaceful Airbnb on the ocean, or in the hills. Both locations in Malibu offer our clients the privacy, peace, and tranquility necessary to support a successful treatment outcome.

What Types of PTSD Therapy in Malibu can I Receive at Serenity Trauma?

Serenity Trauma offers a wide range of PTSD therapy approaches, customized to work for every individual. Some of these include the following:

EMDR Counseling – Psychotherapy approach that treats people who have symptoms that are commonly caused by traumatic memories. In this approach an EMDR therapist helps people access their traumatic memories and process everything with the goal of receiving an adaptive resolution.

Survivor’s Guilt PTSD Therapy – A custom approach to PTSD therapy that enables people to process feelings of guilt for surviving a traumatic (and that caused PTSD), life-threatening experience where others perished.

Complex PTSD Therapy – Also known as CPTSD, people are diagnosed having complex PTSD when they show the symptoms of PTSD along with a range of other symptoms that can include dissociative feelings, thoughts of suicide, avoiding friendships and relationships, problems in regulating emotions, and several others. Often, various types of traumas can be experienced at once, and for people going through such a situation, complex PTSD therapy could be your best solution.

Havening Therapy – Havening therapy is an anxiety treatment approach that utilizes eye movements, touch, and distractions to reduce stress and anxiety levels associated with negative memories. Havening therapists use touch to alter pathways to the brain that are directly connected to emotional distress. When the client is touched, serotonin production increases in a way that relaxes the client and helps them detach from painful memories.

Serenity Trauma of Malibu, California offers these types of anxiety therapy approaches, along with others and even hybrids of these; once you have a consultation with one of our expert therapists, we will know which approach will best help you rid your body of negative energy and feelings of anxiety.

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Is Serenity Trauma the Best Solution for Anxiety Treatment in Malibu?

While some people have found success with live-in treatment centers for anxiety, we believe that offering the best anxiety treatments within the context of “free range freedom” is the best way to help people rid themselves of anxiety and all the heavy symptoms associated with PTSD. While still having a direct connection with the real world, our clients experience a peaceful stay at nearby Airbnb locations known for promoting one’s healing energy, and they come to our anxiety treatment daily (in some cases twice daily) to receive a custom treatment method. From winning back-to-back ‘Best of the Pacific Palisades’ awards, to seeing our director, Dr. Joanne Mednik, win back-to-back ‘Professional Woman of the Year’ awards, Serenity Trauma has all the accolades and sterling client testimonials making our Malibu anxiety treatment center the best in the city, and all of Los Angeles County.

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