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Best PHP Therapy Options, Customized to Your Full Recovery from Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are crippling conditions that can destroy lives, not only the person suffering from anxiety, but also their family members and friends. According to the World Health Organization, more than 19% of all US adults have an anxiety disorder, and there are many more who remain undiagnosed. One of the many types of alternative therapies that help people rid their bodies and minds of anxiety is PHP therapy, and Serenity Trauma treats anxiety disorders offering the best PHP therapy in the Los Angeles area and all of California, treating patients from all over the country. 

What is PHP Therapy?

What is PHP Therapy?

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a critical alternative for people suffering from anxiety and depression (usually related to addiction treatment and the anxiety that revolves around addiction) who do not require inpatient treatment, yet they do require additional help that traditional outpatient programs fail to provide. Many of these people often come from inpatient treatments from other facilities and come to Serenity Trauma to rid themselves of anxiety and the side effects that the trauma they experienced created. People who get PHP treatment require intensive follow-up care from an anxiety therapist using a custom type of therapy that will work, or these people lack support from home that’s required to be successful. 

Why Does Serenity Trauma Offer So Many Anxiety PHP Treatment Options?

Anxiety therapy specialists who treat people that have addiction in their past as a root cause for trauma symptoms, we have learned that some treatment types work best for certain individuals based on the unique threads of their problem. In a way, the many PHP treatment options compose a spectrum of addiction anxiety treatment that range from the least intensive approaches to more intensive ones that require comprehensive anxiety treatment care. 

In addition, when one achieves greater independence they run into more doorways to relapse, a recovered addict with severe anxiety would likely require a type of PHP treatment that utilizes a more comprehensive anxiety treatment plan. PHP treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach, so it is not required for all people to go through the same levels of treatment. Finally, many people report that PHP treatment was the effective starting point to discovering a specific therapy type that worked for them, at the right stage in their journey, that ultimately rid their mind and body of the anxiety and that changed their life. 

Is PHP Therapy Just for People Seeking Addiction Recovery Anxiety Treatment

While PHP therapy is more commonly used when people who suffer from addiction are seeking treatment for their anxiety, there are other circumstances that make this treatment plan a purpose for people suffering from other types of anxiety. Really, anything that once required hospitalization, or scenarios where hospitalization was discussed but ultimately a determination was made where the patient needs a partial hospitalization option, PHP therapy can be a great solution. Serenity Trauma not only offers PHP therapy to those with anxiety from their days of battling addiction to those who were once battling the demons of suicide but are at a place there they just need anxiety therapy once the suicidal tendencies are no longer a matter of immediate concern. People recovering from various anxiety disorders, including multiple types of PTSD, also benefit from PHP therapy, if their situation meets the criteria which will be determined by our group of PHP therapists. 

PHP therapy sessions by Serenity Trauma

How Long is a PHP Program for Those with Anxiety from Substance Abuse?

PHP therapy sessions include various anxiety treatment approaches, such as havening therapy, brainspotting, EMDR counseling, and other services. Some of our PHP treatment clients receive therapy for a week, while others have ongoing appointments that can last for a few months. People are all very different, yet there are multiple studies that look at people across the board who utilized PHP therapy within a five-day treatment program and discovered that five days was not enough time to get to the root of the cause that triggered the anxiety and treat it appropriately with a full recovery result.

When you meet with our PHP therapists for a consultation, they will be able to identify your symptoms, review your medical history and the cause of your anxiety, and based on your unique profile, offer an estimated treatment time that will conclude with a full recovery. 

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If you are seeking the best PHP therapy options, call Serenity Trauma and discover why people come to us from all over the country to fully recover from their anxiety by utilizing our PHP therapists. We offer PHP therapy within the tranquil Malibu community– a location that’s ideal for recovery, as it is scenic, calming, and it is far removed from the “hustle and bustle” of the city of Los Angeles. We only accept out-of-network insurance, and please be advised that we do not work with Medicaid or Medical. Now is the time to make the best investment in yourself and start that true journey towards making a full recovery so that you can live a life filled with joy and void of anxiety and depression! 


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