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Our Skilled Mental Health Staff

Dr. Joanne Mednick

Joanne Mednick, Psy. D., LMFT

Founder & Executive Director Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LMFT #36644

Dr. Mednick is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in a unique blend of various methodologies to offer her clients the deepest possible healing. Dr. Mednick has received her Psy.D, MFT from Ryokan College and has Master’s degrees in both Applied Psychology as well as Counseling Psychology and her undergraduate work was at the University of Southern California. Her studies in Spiritual Psychology frame her point of view that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This unique perspective permeates into Dr. Mednick’s further studies. Dr. Mednick has also received an additional degree in the field of Consciousness Health and Healing. This concentration allows her a deep understanding of the most severe addictions and traumas, and to assist in finding ways to help trauma survivors and sex addicts heal on all five levels of consciousness: Mental, Physical, Energetic, Emotional and Spiritual. Dr. Mednick has built her practice with clients worldwide. Through trauma, illness and addiction therapy, she transitions clients with the identification of living as “victims” or “survivors” all the way to that of living as “thrivers.” She offers her clients complete healing to find deep meaning in past occurrences, and to take the “silver lining” in it all and view their issues as blessings in disguise. Dr. Mednick strives to bring her clients completion in the trauma/addiction/illness cycle, and to move them from pull into the trauma vortex (pain and chaos) towards easily and consciously choosing the healing vortex (calm and relaxed). Dr. Mednick took ongoing training in advanced EMDR techniques such as the Strategic Developmental Model for EMDR, is certified in Brain Spotting, and trained in Sensory Motor Psychotherapy and Somatic Therapy. This assisted her most extremely traumatized clients and addicts process their issues much more easily, and without undue distress. Dr. Mednick believes in the importance of the Inner Journey and how best to support her clients in reconnecting with that which is inside. Dr. Mednick had also undertaken twelve further years of study with world-renowned Energy Medicine specialist Christine Schenk. She was a member of the first US graduating Master’s class. Dr. Mednick is one of the few people in America trained in the CHRIS®-Technique, and as a part of the services she offers, Dr. Mednick blends these techniques into her work at Serenity Trauma Healing Center. The addition of the CHRIS®-Technique to all the psychotherapeutic education has helped Joanne to assist her clients in reaching higher levels of inner peace, connectedness in their body, and achieving a sense of wellness in their lives. Through her many years as a therapist and her deep commitment to cutting-edge education, she has learned to pinpoint even the most resistant clients’ deepest issues and help them to change their destructive patterns. Dr. Mednick believes it is her life’s purpose to help others move along their own path towards full and complete healing. We treat dual diagnosis clients with emphasis on underlying psychological trauma.

Dr. Raskin

Dr. Raskin is a leading board certified internist and Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Treating patients in his private practice since 1996, Dr. Raskin has earned a reputation for exceptional patient care and effective individualized treatment. Today, through cutting edge and compassionate techniques, Dr. Raskin helps his patients maintain and regain their health. Dr. Raskin contributes regularly to local and national television broadcasts. Most recently he has appeared as a medical expert on Good Morning America and Nightline.

Dr. Eric Walz

Dr. Eric initially began his healing journey after receiving his Bachelors in Exercise Science and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Carroll University in Wisconsin. Soon after graduating he realized that people were not getting better and staying better with traditional therapy methods, so he began researching alternative therapies that addressed the brain’s connection to the physical body. For 2 years, he learned and trained under mentors in order to obtain his master certification in level 3 Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT). This protocol now serves as the framework for how to quickly diagnose and treat injuries or chronic pains of any part of the body.

Although NKT is heavily utilized in each treatment, Dr. Eric has also found that incorporating energy work, addressing spiritual causes of pain, and receptor testing are very important in treating the true problems causing pain and integrating the work. He is open to all forms of healing and finds that when he is not, there is usually not as good of progress.

Eric sees a wide range of patients from teens to older adults and finds that he gets a lot of patients who have already tried multiple other therapies without much success. He is very invested in the well being of his patients and will not stop until he has found the answer to your pain. It is important to recognize as a therapist that not every single issue can be fixed by one person and because of that, Dr. Eric works with a large network of personally trusted healthcare professionals in order to provide the most all encompassing care program possible for each and every patient.

Treatments are usually an hour to an hour and a half long depending on the complexity of the patient and their past traumas. Getting a thorough history at the beginning of every treatment is extremely important for proper treatment, and each meeting will end with a brief 5 to 10 minute set of correct of releases and exercises recorded on the patients phone in order to maintain the work and progress the patient towards the best version of themself. Ideally the homework exercises should be done 2 to 4 times per day until the next treatment, and results are quite promising with consistent patient commitment. Is extremely important to realize that the responsibility of healing is that of the patients, Dr. Eric is only here to guide people in the most efficient and painless way to meeting their goals.

Suzanne Sickner

Suzanne Sickner, is a graduate of the American College of Switzerland where she earned her BA in International Studies. She received her MA and PsyD in Counseling Psychology from Ryokan College, Los Angeles. Suzanne is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has worked in a variety of settings from community mental health to private practice and managed care. In addition, she is EMDIRA trained in Attachment-Focused EMDR.

Yukari Makino

Yukari Makino is a Clinical Psychologist from Japan. She received her Doctorate of Psychology from the University of Sacred Heart in Tokyo. She has been working as a Clinical therapist for 25 years and acted as a professor at Yokohama Soei University from 2012 to 2018. Yukari is currently attending Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology to attain a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Yukari has experience working with clients in Japan who have suffered from natural disasters, high suicide rates, and depression. She assisted the Japan Society of Psychosomatic Medicine in supporting people who were devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Yukari is trained in EMDR, brain spotting, somatic experiencing therapy, mindfulness, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and sensory motor psychotherapy. She moved to Los Angeles in 2018 and is currently pursuing her California licensure.

Anna Bio

Anna Bäck

Anna Bäck L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.
Anna holds a Master’s Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Dongguk University Los Angeles, CA. Anna has been interested in natural medicine and eastern wellness practices since childhood. Feeling called to the healing arts, Anna pursued knowledge in mind-body medicine such as acupuncture, meditation, yoga, as well as herbalism, and she specializes in the field of mental and emotional health, and addiction and chemical dependency. Anna also works with acute and chronic pain, digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders, and fertility. She works closely with her patients’ team of physicians and health care practitioners. Anna’s own health has been approached overwhelmingly by Chinese and Eastern Medicine, and her approach to treating patients focuses on diet, exercise, stress reduction, and mind-body practices to restore and maintain optimal health. Anna’s warm demeanor with patients motivates her patients to living their lives at full potent
Mike Beychok, M.A., CMO

Mike Beychok, M.A., CMO

Business Development
Recovery Coach
Personal Trainer
Trained in LEVEL 1 Brainspotting  and addiction for Brainspotting

Mike is currently a Doctoral Candidate at Ryokan College. He received his Masters degree from the University of Santa Monica (USM) in Spiritual Psychology. He has been facilitating all age ranges for over 10 years and has helped countless individuals work through their issues. Mike decided to become more specifically involved in the addiction field as he saw the great need for coaching that specialized in recovery. Using a very open and intuitive approach, he is easily able to connect with clients to help guide them to a supportive and successful recovery. Having struggled with food addiction and eating disorders himself, he has a deep understanding of what individuals may be feeling and experiencing.
Mike’s struggle with weight and body image lead him to become very active in the fields of physical fitness and nutrition. Being recruited as a walk-on for a division 1 sports team at a top university, gives Mike experience working with some of the top athletes and coaching in the world. He has a genuine passion for helping people with their fitness goals and assisting them in creating a healthy lifestyle to coincide with their recovery.
Mike also graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major focusing on the impacts of globalization on marketing and finance. His multiple years of experience in the fields of marketing and business development has given him the perfect background to assist Serenity with their marketing and outreach efforts daily.
Mike looks forward to meeting and helping as many people as possible through their healing journey.
Jamie Stern, M.A.

Jamie Stern, M.A.


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist  118944
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor File  #50058667

Neurofeedback Clinician, Brain Health Coach, Published Researcher 

Level I trained inTRIM (Trauma Resiliency Model practitioner)

Jamie Stern is a cartographer of the mind, charting the different territories of the brain while seeking the calmness and healing that is found through Neurofeedback Therapy. Jamie’s goal is for her clients to feel optimized – to feel like the best version of themselves! Her scholarly journey began at the University of Southern California (USC) where she studied cartography and environmental science. When she went on to her dual Masters, she focused on human geography, culture, and the psychology of displaced peoples. Her research later focused on Diasporas of WWII which resulted in populations that carried such extreme traumas with extraordinary variety, that it affected the growth and development of subsequent generations.  Her work has since been published in the International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society and led her to a position as Director of Research for a non-profit organization that focuses on the Indo people; a European and Asian hybrid group, who were expelled by force from Indonesia just after WWII. Jamie’s unique perspective on populations affected by trauma, led her to the field of Neurofeedback Therapy in an effort to help people in their healing. Jamie studied Neurofeedback Therapy at the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills, California. Jamie is also an Amen Certified Brain Health Coach. The connection between trauma and decline in optimum living is clear and something that Jamie is dedicating herself to helping. She has witnessed firsthand how trauma, when not addressed, can be such a negative force in a person’s daily life. Jamie’s entire focus is to find relief for her clients by identifying their optimum frequency and then training the brain at that level through a subconscious process that involves tactile, visual, and auditory feedback. This process eventually retrains the brain which allows the client to more automatically self-regulate, and ultimately promotes a renewed feeling of calmness, better cognitive function, and happiness. Jamie also experienced how Neurofeedback Therapy can target a wide variety of “brain instabilities” such as her own chronic migraines and motion sickness. For Jamie, Neurofeedback Therapy was life-changing, and something she deeply looks forward to sharing.

Z Zoccolante

Z Zoccolante

Associate MFT: AMFT110689 is originally from Hawaii and brings 10 years of experience in somatic bodywork and cognitive processing, connecting the body, mind, and soul through coaching. As a therapist, she specializes in trauma and addiction recovery utilizing cognitive and creative modalities as well as EMDR, Brainspotting, and CRM. She’s the author of Throwing Up Rainbows and the study guide (Amazon), for eating disorder recovery support, as well as the podcast Throwing Up Rainbows found on iTunes and She’s passionate about lovingly moving through things that keeps us stuck to create lives where we feel happy, healthy, and whole.

Jade Dearing

Jade Dearing is a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate who earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology. Her experience includes working in a county mental health setting as a part of a triage team of psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors, case managers, and other therapists working together to provide mental health support to those in desperate need of services.   In addition, she has several years of experience in substance abuse in-patient treatment as a primary therapist. She is trained in EMDRIA approved EMDR and in breathwork healing.

Marcelle Little

Marcelle is a California Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. She received her
dual master’s degree from UCLA in Public Health and African Studies. Ten years later, she
returned to receive her Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate
Institute. Marcelle has experience in private practice and intensive outpatient settings, working
with children, teens, adults, couples, and families.
Marcelle takes a relational and trauma informed approach utilizing the various holistic
approaches to wellbeing that she has found helpful for her own healing and that of her clients.
The foundation of her work is mindfulness to embody intrinsic healing and growth potential.
Marcelle focuses on strengths to discover our innate compassionate voice, alongside witnessing
the not-so-pleasant parts of self and negative thought patterns. This is part of the integration
process, leading to a felt sense of wholeness. Marcelle does this through a variety of ways, where
her clinical training has been drawn from including the following: depth psychology;
psychodynamic psychology; trauma-informed therapy; EMDR; modern attachment theory; child
psychology; and, mindfulness.
Marcelle’s combination of talents as an executive coach and psychotherapist specializing in
addiction, trauma/collective trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions, and co-occurring
disorders offers a unique awareness and understanding of every client’s situation.

Amanda Sutherland, SEP

A Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Amanda trained in SE with the global organization formerly called The Foundation for Human Enrichment, currently called The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, graduating the program in 2007.

In addition to being an SE Advanced Level Session Provider and Assistant at the SE trainings worldwide, Amanda is trained in Trauma Informed Touch work, Developmental Trauma, NeuroAffective Touch, Eye of the Needle near death and surgery trauma, Syndromes, is a Licensed Bodyworker, has a BA in Psychology, is a Birth Doula, and was first a Child Development Specialist and Preschool Teacher in her previous career.  Put together, Amanda is able to provide clients with all the body-oriented tools necessary to enhance their success on their journey through trauma.

At Serenity, Amanda offers SE Sessions and Education.  When appropriate, she provides gentle informed therapeutic touch work.  These sessions help guide clients to a deeper sense of autonomic regulation.

She teaches and guides you to an understanding of what your Nervous System is informing you of when you feel the effects and symptoms of trauma, and guides you gently through the process of returning from that traumatized state back to a sense of being yourself again.

“Once we are Somatically Literate and truly understand the language of our sensations, then we are capable of allowing the natural physiological processes of returning to a sense of wellbeing and functioning without fear.  In some cases, we may be developing this sense of wellbeing and function for the first time.

SE work and education tends to be a missing link for many clients therapeutic journey, connecting what they know in their mind is true, such as knowing a particular traumatic event is in the past, to having their body, which otherwise keeps responding as if there is still a threat of danger or risk, begin to respond to the fact that the event is over and in the past, bringing body and mind together again, thus resolving PTSD symptoms, often permanently.

SE work helps you help your body move through that sense of danger or risk so you can be fully embodied and present with what is true for you now; that you are safe, that you survived, and that you are ready to thrive.”

~ Amanda on SE in practice.


I was born in South Africa and raised in amidst the beauty of Switzerland. I’m fluent in Swiss, German, and English.

My career started as a Hair and Makeup Artist. My passion, work ethic and attention to details have been major forces to drive my career and professionalism.

I made my way to the US in 2013 and soon after became a permanent citizen.

I was excited to see what life had to offer and I set my bar high with plans for my life, spending the last seven years experiencing and adapting to change, personal growth and constantly redefining myself.

Reiki and Crystals found me when I was faced with the most challenging part of my life. I had to make life changing decisions while being so disconnected to myself mentally and emotionally.

My journey to reconnect with myself again started through meditation and crystal healing practices. With that big energy shift I started to take action and made big changes for myself, one step at a time. I began taking the necessary steps to leave my past behind and create a new and acceptable life for myself and my happiness.

Crystal Reiki brought me the balance and clarity I needed, it helped me reduce stress, anxiety and I learned how to continue heal my heart from the traumas I have experienced.
Crystal Reiki is holistic alternative healing and it works on the body, mind and spirit.

It helps release stress, fear, anxiety, whatever might block the energy.

Now i’ve been called to help others find themselves in line with where they hope to be, and it is the reason I became a practitioner.

My mission is to help bring good energy into people’s lives inside out so they can heal themselves, transform to who they want to be.


Ale is a Certified Massage Therapist registered with the California Massage Therapy Council. She has been in the healings arts for over a decade. Her journey began working in tandem with chiropractors in a clinical setting assessing the needs of patients by utilizing an interdisciplinary holistic approach. She has extensive experience in meeting the needs of clients who have a broad range of conditions including pain, trauma & illness. Ale loves to connect meaningfully with people of various backgrounds. Her passion is to transform the lives of humankind through the healing power of touch, sound & aromatherapy. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring nature. Ale takes pride in how instrumental the staff at Serenity is in providing the utmost wellness for each client.

Tiffany Caronia

Tiffany is a certified yoga instructor interested in the therapeutic potential of yoga. She holds an advanced certification in SmartFLOW yoga, studied yoga therapy at Loyola Marymount University and is certified in the Yoga Tune Up® methodology. She Integrates traditional yoga postures along with functional movement, self-massage with therapy balls, breathwork and meditative techniques to alleviate tension in the body, promote strength and balance the nervous system to support healing.

Michele Faier

Michele Faier is a holistic wellness coach who specializes in movement work, somatic therapy and coaching. Michele recognizes how our biology and posture reflects our inner landscape. She guides her clients to develop tools to regulate their nervous system, integrate new neuromuscular patterns and to find more strength and ease inside themselves. Michele has been teaching movement work for over 20 years and is a certified yoga and pilates instructor, as well as functional nutrition practitioner and certified life coach. She is also a licensed massage therapist with over 1000 hours of advanced massage training, which very much influences how she teaches movement. Michele guides her clients to discover their muscular imbalances, and understand what areas need to be released, strengthened and integrated. Michele loves to inspire her clients to do the self care practices that best support them.

Michele has taught yoga at other treatment centers such as Bridges To Recovery, a licensed residential mental health care program and spent several years in a physical therapy office performing therapeutic massage and teaching pilates. She has treated chronic pain, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome, sports injuries, as well as high-risk pregnancies and postnatal care. Michele has experience working with a wide range of issues from treating autoimmune disease and complex illness, to helping clients rehabilitate injuries, get back in shape and recover. Michele believes in the importance of a body focused approach to healing stress and trauma. She believes the missing piece of the puzzle around chronic pain and dysfunctional movement patterns is the brain and nervous system and that when we access the nervous system by slowing down and developing mindful awareness we re-learn how to stay curious and attentive in the present moment and develop more self awareness and resilience.

Michele received her Yoga teacher training in 2000 under Lisa Walford and Maty Ezraty at Yoga Works in Santa Monica, and completed a nine month instructional apprenticeship with Jasmine Lieb at her yoga therapy clinic. Michele went on to study with renowned yoga therapist Gary Kraftsow and completed his 3 year Viniyoga teacher training. She completed her Pilates teacher training with Marie Jose-Bloom Lawrence and then continued on to do the Basi teacher training in 2017.

Michele recently completed her Brain Coach Performance Certificate, a functional neurology approach to movement, and how the nervous system influences biomechanics. She is currently studying Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) from the Prague school. Michele has completed Level I and II in the Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM) and is completing her Somatic experiencing SE™ Professional Training at the Somatic experiencing Trauma Institute. She is currently studying with Dr. Dianne Poole Heller;

Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DARe), which includes Somatic Experiencing techniques, healing Attachment injury, neuroscience, and spiritual perspectives. Michele is currently becoming licensed as a Desire Map Facilitator.



For the last 8 years, clients of Serenity can all attest to the mood lifting and stress relieving benefits of having our Therapy Dog Joey around. Joey is the embodiment of unconditional love. Always there for anyone who needs her support she is blessing to the center and to all who encounter her loving spirit. Therapy pets like Joey are different from service animals. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, in the United States, “A service animal means any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.” Therapy animals are a way for people in lonely, stressful, or traumatic situations that might not be able to own pets to share in the health benefits. Joey does her job with enthusiasm and a wag of the tail for all.

At Serenity Trauma Healing Center, you will find numerous mental health professionals with specialized training, right here in Malibu, CA. Our team is led by our founder and Executive Director, Joanne Mednick, Psy.D., a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in addiction and trauma treatment and a variety of emotional and behavioral treatment methodologies. Joanne has a doctoral degree in Psychology from Ryokan College and master’s degrees in Applied Psychology and Counseling Psychology. Medical doctors on our team include Abe Malkin, MD/MBA, who provides primary care and urgent medical services, and Reuben Zaisman-Tzachor, Ph.D., a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

We employ everything needed to address substance abuse, trauma, and psychological conditions, from a mental health therapist to our therapy dog, Joey. Different types of mental health professionals are on our team so we can offer a comprehensive range of services. Anita Kaplan is our Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Gina Maron is our Spiritual Psychologist and Transformational Life Coach. Several members of our team specialize in family therapy as well as child and adolescent issues.

Our leading doctors and therapists specialize in many treatment methods. They can provide various approaches to trauma, substance abuse, and mental illness treatment, and even prescribe medications to help. They are all certified health professionals with years of experience in their practice areas.

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