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Serenity Trauma Healing Center offers Transformative Psychosomatic Bodywork in Malibu, CA as a means to improve emotional awareness and recover from trauma. We are always focused on the highest quality of care and achieving the best results possible.

Transformative Psychosomatic Bodywork is a body-awareness approach that brings together a broad combination of techniques. The work is rooted in guiding a person to their goals through touch and talk therapy, movement, and breathwork. It also includes somatic-emotional awareness and trauma release as an invitation to reclaim one’s physical and energetic presence.

Psychosomatic therapy works by tapping into mind-body communication. By focusing on this connection, a therapist can help one work toward physical and emotional healing. It can then be possible to heal the mind through the body and heal the body by way of the mind.

How Does the Process Benefit a Person’s Well-Being?

This work presents an opportunity to create a foundational and authentic relationship with oneself. This foundation becomes the essence upon which one learns nervous system regulation, manages and expresses emotions, and forms a relationship between one’s authentic self and the world.

By exploring emotional armoring and letting go of old traumas, the opportunity is presented to fully integrate the past while expanding into one’s unique, individual strengths. This work offers the ability to create a life full of purpose, choice, and resilience.

The benefits of this holistic approach are realized through the key techniques mentioned above. An emotional release can leave one feeling better about themselves while reducing stress can lower blood pressure and create a sense of well-being. Psychosomatic medicine applies face reading to provide insights into personality and emotional character, while posture and shape analysis reflects how one carries themselves; standing tall has an extremely positive impact on the mind and body.

With emotional anatomy and bodywork, massage and pressure play a role in activating emotional trigger points. The process manifests as crying, shaking, laughing, or screaming. Nevertheless, it can transform one from having negative emotions, undesirable physical sensations, and poor posture to experiencing positive feelings, relaxation, and a more composed posture.

Trained therapists analyze posture and shape to determine areas of increased pressure. Hand placement, pelvis angle, and standing with one’s head projected forward are just some important features. Posture greatly affects physical health. Performing full body analysis, a therapist can work to understand the whole person by analyzing specific attributes and to assist in the healing process.

Schedule Psychosomatic Therapy at Serenity Trauma Healing Center

Whether it impacts the mind or body, trauma affects one’s entire health. At Serenity Trauma Healing Center, we are state- and JCAHO-accredited to treat various forms of trauma using a range of methods. To learn more about Transformative Psychosomatic Bodywork or schedule an appointment at our Malibu clinic, call 310-310-9249.

Transformative Psychosomatic Bodywork
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