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Why Somatic Experiencing is Growing as a Popular Option for Trauma Therapy Treatment in Los Angeles, for Women


PTSD and other forms of trauma can create a devastating and crippling sense of existence for so many people. According to an April 2022 study conducted by the National Center for PTSD, roughly 12 million American adults have a type of PTSD every year, and they conclude that this is only a small portion of the overall population that went through a trauma. The study also revealed that about 8 in 100 women will develop PTSD in their lifetime, and 4 in 100 men (excluding those who served in active military duty) will, at some point, develop a form of PTSD. Finally, last year an estimated 623,000 people in Los Angeles were diagnosed with a depressive disorder or anxiety, with diagnoses being higher in women. However, when people seek “basic therapy” or traditional therapy that isn’t a specific treatment for PTSD or anxiety, less than 15% of patients experienced improvement with treatment, while 46 percent of people with PTSD who went to a center offering trauma therapy treatment in Los Angeles improved significantly within the first sex weeks of beginning a custom therapeutic approach like somatic experiencing therapy.

This article is intended to help women suffering from PTSD or an anxiety disorder learn more about their position, and why somatic experiencing therapy could be their ideal treatment.

First Things First: Why are Most People with PTSD Women?

Even though most people who experience trauma are men, surprisingly most people suffering from PTSD are women. The American Psychological Association (APA) states that males experience more traumatic events than females, yet women are more likely to meet diagnostic criteria for PTSD. This is according to 25 years of research reported in a November issue of ‘Psychological Bulletin’, that’s published by the APA. The study found that women were more likely to have experienced sexual assault, and child sexual assault than men, and that this factor weighed heavily into the diagnosed PTSD rates in which the APA studied 290 cases of women diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

That said, you are not alone. However, getting the right kind of trauma therapy treatment in Los Angeles is critical to your recovery, and to your ability to love a happy and rewarding life. This is where somatic experiencing has helped thousands of women with PTSD in Los Angeles, and with that success the popularity of this treatment method has soared in popularity.

What Exactly is Somatic Experiencing Therapy?

Trauma is stored in the body, so trauma therapies that utilize touch to access the trapped-up trauma in the body can be highly effective, and this is exactly what somatic experiencing therapy is all about. This body-focused therapy is applied by highly trained therapists at Serenity Trauma in Malibu, CA in which the relationship between the mind’s behavior, body and brain are simultaneously engaged to release harmful energy penned up in the “fight or flight” region of one’s being. Therapists will observe one’s gestures, postures, eye movements and help clients engage their impulses to establish a resolution and make peace with the body’s energy. Success rates are very high amongst women investing in somatic experiencing therapy, and as such more and more women are seeking this PTSD therapy treatment. In fact, several Hollywood celebrities have also utilized somatic experiencing to heal their emotional wounds.

Is Somatic Experiencing the Best Trauma Therapy Treatment in Los Angeles for Me?

Los Angeles leads the way when it comes to providing innovative trauma therapies. However, only a skilled therapist can help you determine if somatic experiencing is your best treatment option. When you contact Serenity Trauma, we will provide you with a consultation with one of our leading therapists, and together a determination can be made on which therapy option is the right one for you, based on your specific situation. In some cases, a custom therapeutic approach combining key elements of somatic experiencing might be combined with aspects of other therapies, such as EMDR counseling, or treatment strategies for complex PTSD. Once a therapist has reviewed your history and has had an opportunity to learn more about your case, the best possible therapy method will be presented, along with a plan for you and your therapist to work through together.

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