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Why the Best Los Angeles Trauma Therapy Centers Don’t Accept Insurance


Nowadays the demand to find the best Los Angeles trauma therapy center has grown. According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, more than 19 percent of Americans have an anxiety disorder, and now that we are over the “COVID hump”, experts believe this percentage has gone up extensively. That said, people throughout Los Angeles are looking for the best support options in treating anxiety, but many expect trauma therapy centers to accept insurance. This article is intended to educate the Los Angeles audience (and people from other large cities) as to why many trauma therapy centers don’t accept insurance, while promoting the value in working with these specialized trauma therapists.

First Things First; What Defines the Best Los Angeles Trauma Therapy Centers?

Before we delve into the topic of insurance, let’s first get a firm understanding as to what defines the best trauma therapy center.

The best Los Angeles trauma therapy centers offer multiple therapies for treating PTSD and other anxiety disorders, while other facilities only focus on one or a few select approaches. Keep in mind that because we as human beings have all experienced different things in our childhood, in our developmental years, and the traumatic events that touched our lives are all different in their unique way (not to mention how we as individuals process things in a way that is entirely our own), there simply is not a one-size-fits all therapy for treating anxiety. That said, Los Angeles trauma therapy centers like Serenity Trauma Healing Center offer a wide range of alternative therapies, as well as hybrid approaches, that are designed to best support the unique individual as opposed to treating the masses. Only highly specialized anxiety therapists can offer these approaches with a successful outcome, so when searching for the best Los Angeles Trauma therapy centers, be sure to bear this in mind.

Finally, the best Los Angeles trauma therapy centers will be situated in a quiet, peaceful location and not in the middle of the hustle and bustle of urban life. Serenity Trauma Healing Center is based in the luxurious, peaceful seaside community of Malibu, giving our clients a tranquil setting as they seek treatment for their anxiety.

Why Many of the Best Los Angeles Trauma Therapy Centers Will Not Work with Your Health Insurance

There are several reasons why the best Los Angeles trauma therapy centers won’t work with insurance, however, each clinic will likely have their own primary reasons and are happy to discuss this with you.

First, it’s not necessarily true that some trauma therapy centers refuse to accept insurance, but that the insurance companies refuse to reimburse them. It is difficult enough for traditional mental health care professionals to work with insurance companies, as getting approved “in network” is a tiring process, and the reimbursement is low meaning they are forced to charge patients a higher rate to compensate for their losses.

According to the National Association of Social Workers, the average rate a patient pays for a 45-minute session with a psychologist is $300, and when it comes to treating an anxiety disorder, most people spend thousands of dollars a year on a treatment that ultimately doesn’t cure them of their anxiety.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies will not work with the best Los Angeles trauma therapy centers because they don’t recognize alternative therapies as a coverable treatment type, even though these approaches are recognized in psychotherapy, and their treatment success rate is significantly higher that what traditional psychology and counseling offers.

That said, don’t expect to use your insurance when seeking help from the best Los Angeles trauma therapy centers. However, you can expect to finally get the right treatment you need to live a much better life free from the fetters of emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical trauma that anxiety causes.

Fact: When You Work with a Specialty Trauma Therapy Treatment Center Like Serenity Trauma, you are Investing In Yourself (Or Investing in Your Loved One)

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Here is a great way of looking at trauma therapy centers as a true investment in yourself: consider comparing this concept to that of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is performed to not only make the body look and feel better, but to also give the person greater self-confidence and a healthier relationship with the self. Most insurance companies won’t cover a facelift for aging professionals who want to look and feel younger so they can better compete with people half their age in the workplace; instead, these people pay for the procedure themselves, as they are worth the investment.

Serenity Trauma Healing Center offers cutting-edge alternative therapies for treating anxiety that focuses on the body and mind such as brain spotting, somatic experiencing therapy and EMDR counseling, and because successful treatment rates are dramatically higher than those offered by traditional counseling, people are grateful to make this investment in themselves, or in their loved one, so that healing and recovery can finally take their course.

Call Serenity Trauma to Invest in the Best Trauma Therapy for Treating Anxiety

Now is that time to invest in yourself, or to invest in your loved one. Contact Serenity Trauma Healing Center for a consultation with a specialized therapist and discover what the ideal treatment plan will look like that’s designed to completely cure you of your anxiety, how you process the traumatic events that happened in life, and that will finally bring peace to your mind, body, and soul.

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